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Most people buy a weathervane as a decorative feature for their house or garden. Some designs lend themselves to being both decorative and working. When we design a weathervane we aim to design it to do both, but some designs just cannot do both. This one is both decorative and working. This design is purely decorative, it will move in the wind but may not point the way the wind is blowing.

Our weathervanes are all handmade to order so do take a few days to make, the gold version have 4 coats of gold so do take a few days longer. We expect to ship within 10 days ,if there is some urgency please contact us to see if we can do it quicker.

Due to the complexity of its design this weathervane is only made in the larger size.

When you consider that your weathervane is going to be subjected to the elements for many years, it needs to be sturdy and well made. We make a point of telling you exactly what you are buying. Below are the specifications of our weathervanes.

The arrow, the figure on top and the NSEW cardinals are all cut from 3mm steel.
After making, all of the components are powder coated in black and stoved to give an enduring finish.

Most of our weathervanes are available in two versions, the traditional all black or the gold finished version with the point and tail flights of the arrow as well as the NSEW cardinals finished in gold.(The gold version is available to order, the picture of the gold version will be added later) They are also available in two sizes.

On the large weathervane the arrow measures 24”- 66cm and the N,S,E & W cardinal assembly measures 22”- 56 cm from East to West. The figure on the arrow is approx. 10”- 26cm tall. When assembled the overall height of the weathervane is approx. 39” – 100 cm. This larger weathervaneis suitable for a house or building.

metal art brackets

Fixing Brackets
The weathervane comes complete with either a 5″- 10cm offset mounting (A) this fits onto a vertical brick or wood wall, or the other is a horizontal mounting (B) to fit onto any horizontal surface, either of these are included in the price. The mounting C is for an apex/ ridge mounting and is priced at £19.30 or bracket D is for fixing to a post or pole and is priced at £22.20. Please select which mounting you require at checkout. If you need a special mounting please contact us using the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the listing.

If you prefer payment can be made by cheque or BACS,please email us for details.

The free shipping applies to mainland UK only, please contact us for shipping to any other area and overseas. All orders are shipped using an insured trackable courier service and you will receive an email with the tracking details once your order is shipped.

Contact Us
If you would like to talk to us about a weathervane you can contact us on: 01692-670007 or : 07774024814 or by email at: broadlandmetalart@btinternet.com


Large weathervane (Black finish) £140.00

Large weathervane (Gold finish) £160.00

Bracket A or B: Free

Bracket C £19.30

Bracket D £21.20

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Size & Colour

Large weathervane (Black finish), Large weathervane (Gold finish)


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